About Us

Expect Objectivity.

At Yosemite Capital Management, our only "agenda" is to increase your wealth in a way that minimizes your risk. Yosemite Capital Management takes a unique approach to managing the needs of sophisticated investors. Unlike investment firms that benefit financially from constant account modifications or recommendations of proprietary products, Yosemite operates as a Registered Investment Advisor, deriving revenues from portfolio fees only.

We act as your fiduciary, which means we have only your objectives in mind. At Yosemite, objectivity and integrity are more than mere words; they're tenets that are central to our philosophy.

Our Guiding Principals

In this world of escalating complexity and constant change, sophisticated investors find real value in a financial approach that delivers expertise, confidence and strength of vision. That’s why Yosemite Capital Management puts such emphasis on proficiency and long-lasting relationships.

When your business or your family’s legacy is at stake, there is no substitution for professional counsel that is reasoned, rational, and scrupulously objective.That is why YCM takes a unique approach to managing the needs of sophisticated investors.

Every day, we help corporate executives, professionals, business owners, foundations, endowments, and other individuals of substantial means create the kind of full-scale financial plans that make a real difference in their dynamic lives. Yosemite understands more than the intricacies of investment vehicles; we understand more than what drives the markets; we understand how to form the kind of strong and meaningful relationships that can bring financial freedom to you.

“Our mission is to provide excellent comprehensive family and personal Wealth Management services that exceed our client’s expectations. Our business is people and their financial well being.

We believe that putting the financial integrity of our clients first ultimately serves the best interests of our associates and our communities. We are committed to applying our energies, intellect, and knowledge to achieving unsurpassed client satisfaction.

Expect a Team Approach.

When you engage Yosemite Capital Management, you gain access to every member of our professional team. Each member of the team couples strong ethics with specialized financial expertise, putting his or her focused skills to work with one goal in mind: helping you select the investment vehicles that are precisely appropriate for your needs.

We feel strongly that the best financial strategies are those that consider every aspect of your life and every facet of your business. We've organized our firm so that you benefit from a breadth and depth of solutions that includes portfolio management, tax planning, business consulting, employee benefits and human resource services, estate planning, and computer consulting.


From our outset, our investment services focus on you, the client. We start by carefully evaluating your financial objectives and then develop a strategy that blends with these parameters. We want to understand your growth goals, risk concerns and other important factors. This step is not only essential in helping you to select the appropriate service needed to meet your needs, but also to give the selection of investment vehicles.

In terms of investment philosophy, Yosemite Capital Management, LLC begins with the premise of investing for the long term. With that in mind, we try to identify a superior business with strong fundamentals. We want that business to be one that is comprehensible. Also, we want a business that experiences gradual growth rather than rapid change. Management is a key ingredient in growing a business; therefore, a superior management team is a contributing factor in selecting a company. Yosemite Capital Management, LLC defines risk not by a stocks relative volatility, but as the permanent erosion of a company's fundamental earning power. Lastly, yet equally important, we want to pay a reasonable price for the company.

Our Team.
  • Paul H. Heckler, Co-Founder
  • Lawrence Rutherford, CFP®
  • John Kleponis, CFA
  • Debra Curry, CFP®
  • David M. Jones, MBA, CFP®
  • Client Services Team
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